Who are we?

Every business claims to be remarkable. In this respect, we are not so different. But there’s a reason why Sensi Labs has been an international leader in IT services and development for businesses for many years. Our headquarters is based Poland, yet we attract clients from such countries as the UK, Brazil, the US, and the Netherlands with projects that span across all continents. We’ll also let you in on one of the best kept secrets: according to many rankings, Polish programmers are among the best in the world.

At Sensi Labs, we believe our team of talented developers is the best of the best. Why?

We listen

At Sensi Labs, we never forget that your business wants more than just technology, you are looking for a real world solution to your business needs. Whether its promoting your business, streamlining a procedure, offering a digital service to distinguish yourself from the competition, or embarking on a groundbreaking project, we appreciate that your vision is unique to your company.

We commit

Transparency is key. While we handle the full implementation of the technology, your voice is never lost in the process. Our open communication ensures that your needs are being met throughout project development. Furthermore, we don’t abandon our partners once the project is completed. We continue to work with you on maintenance and necessary updates, as well as offer ideas for staying ahead of the competition. This is why most of our partners have been with us for years.

We create

Any IT service provider can develop something functional. We look to design something so revolutionary yet accessible that people wonder why no one thought of it sooner. This is why we approach every project with a fresh perspective, listen carefully to your needs, and explore what is best for your business (not just what has been used in the past).

This is what makes Sensi Labs different. Contact us and see for yourself!

Our methods:

Helping you plan the perfect project for your business

Most IT companies use a methodology of some sort. We do this as well to provide structure and security to a project. However, we use a flexible model that is based on common sense and project requirements, not restrictive protocols. No two projects are the same, so why would we adhere to one rigid methodology?

No matter your project, we can promise the following:


Structure and Security


Ongoing Support

We don't ignore existing methodologies. We just choose what's best for the project and customize this to fit your specifications. Documentation is used to deliver results in a timely, cost-effective manner, and we will never waste your time with unnecessary paperwork.

We guarantee detailed schedules and specialized project management on all of our projects. With Sensi Labs, each project is assigned a team of specialists dedicated to the project’s management and implementation. You will always have direct contact with the project manager, who is involved in every detail of your project.

From the start, we provide you with the visuals you need to understand how your end product will look and perform. Making sure that we share a mutual vision keeps us on the same page and ensures there are no surprises at the end.

Technology is fickle. It’s constantly evolving, making today’s newest trend irrelevant and incompatible by tomorrow. At Sensi Labs, we have in place maintenance plans and can advise you on modifications to keep you up-to-date.


Pick a language, any language

Looking for a project done in Objective-C, C #, or Java?
This is the heart of our company.
Want something in Python, PHP, Classic ASP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript?
We are adept in these areas and so many more.
We are constantly adopting and adapting the latest technologies to deliver mobile applications to any Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, as well as develop state of the art websites.
Every Sensi Labs project is managed by our proficient team of mobile and web developers, architects, webmasters, UX / UI experts, database engineers, testers, administrators, all armed with the mindset of maximizing potential.
Your idea is our inspiration, and we will find the perfect fit for your technological needs.

It’s time to see what Sensi Labs can do for you.

Letting our projects speak for themselves:


Find & Book Health and Beauty Services

Booksy is a system which simplifies appointment scheduling within the health & beauty sector (e.g. hair care, massage, skin care, etc.). Customers can find the desired services in their area by using the free client application (available for Android & iOS). Booksy lets people read reviews, choose a specific service, check the businesses openings and book an appointment during available times. Booksy also has an application for businesses, which provides a clear overview of all appointments booked, assists in the management of personnel and equipment, and can be used to increase clientele and profit.

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Order a cab whenever and wherever you want in cities across Poland!

Thanks to Sensi Labs solutions, everyone can order a cab in many different ways, not only by call center, but also via websites and mobile applications. iTaxi has 5 mobile applications working on the 3 leading operating systems (iOS, WindowsPhone and Android ), which help the company achieve its primary objective: to provide customers with the ability to find cabs faster, easier and with greater satisfaction.

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Idea Bank

Mobile ATM & Mobile Advisor

Sensi Labs took a part in two projects for Idea Bank: Mobile ATM and Mobile Advisor. The first one allows customers to order free-of-charge mobile ATM service through a special smatphone application available for both Android and iOS. A car with a built-in ATM arrives at the pick-up point within a few minutes, allowing to deposit or withdraw money. The second project is related with apps dedicated for mobile bank advisors. They can speed up customer service and meetings management in a revolutionary way using mobile phones. The service allows advisors to create and edit meetings, keep important notes and choose the best way to the meeting place.

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An innovative solution to data archive

DBDigger combines the features of database programs available on the market with possibilities of the Internet. This solution includes a notification system, the ability to draw vector shapes on pictures, the ability to view the database through MindMap (a two-dimensional interface that clearly shows the dependencies between all elements) or support for 3d projects which can be edited by adding additional information of any type and creating dependencies between them and other database entries. All that thanks to our PHP developers.

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See also our site for the Temple of Hatshepsut project

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Our partners:

Here are some of the organisations we work with

Sensi Labs Careers:

Be the difference

Behind every brilliant project, there is a team of innovative professionals committed to turning an idea into a reality. That’s where you come in. Sensi Labs is a dynamic company looking for talented people prepared to challenge the status quo in IT.
Here’s what we offer our employees:

1. Engaging work creating innovative applications with the freedom to explore new solutions.
2. Access to the best tools and some of the top programmers in the world.
3. An exciting work environment with monthly social events and optional group outings.
4. Customised work contracts and perks like a discount fuel card, a multisport card, etc.
5. Coffee that actually tastes good. ;)

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Let's talk about details

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