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Find & Book Health and Beauty Services

Booksy is a system which simplifies appointment scheduling within the health & beauty sector (e.g. hair care, massage, skin care, etc.). Customers can find the desired services in their area by using the free client application (available for Android & iOS). Booksy lets people read reviews, choose a specific service, check the businesses openings and book an appointment during available times. Booksy also has an application for businesses, which provides a clear overview of all appointments booked, assists in the management of personnel and equipment, and can be used to increase clientele and profit.

Taxi ordering and driver settlement services.

Thanks to Sensi Labs application, anyone can order a taxi in many different ways. Starting from classic telephone call, but also through website and last but not least – using mobile applications. iTaxi has native mobile applications operating in 2 leading operating systems (iOS and Android). They help achieve the company’s primary goal: providing customers with a quick, easy and satisfying taxi services.


This application provide access to best and verified tutors, who help solving and understanding assignments from school. It has native apps for both Android and iOS platform. It’s enough to take picture of problematic assignment using Sirio app and in couple minutes solution and explanation is on your screen. Application is capable of automatic photo cropping, OCR for both text and mathematical formulas. Whole solution is hosted in the cloud, allowing for dynamic scaling, which in this type of business is very important.

67 Degrees

Company’s mission is to deliver bespoke websites for automotive dealers in Great Britain. Besides custom, visually brilliant layout, customer get access to the platform allowing him to:

  1. Content Management System
  2. Managing vehicles in stock
  3. Automated finance calculations
  4. Numerous automation plugin
  5. Automatic daily data imports and exports
  6. Google Analytics Integration
  7. Workshop maintenance
  8. Assigning role to all employees

Car configurators

Car color variations, applying new elements on the real model. The ability to track objects at 360 degrees while adding new parts. Display information about tracked object: brand, engine power, displacement, etc.

Helping you plan the perfect project for your business

Most IT companies use a methodology of some sort. We do this as well to provide structure and security to a project. However, we use a flexible model that is based on common sense and project requirements, not restrictive protocols. No two projects are the same, so why would we adhere to one rigid methodology?

No matter your project, we can promise the following:

  • Personalization

    We don’t ignore existing methodologies. We just choose what’s best for the project and customize this to fit your specifications. Documentation is used to deliver results in a timely, cost-effective manner, and we will never waste your time with unnecessary paperwork.

  • Structure and Security

    We guarantee detailed schedules and specialized project management on all of our projects. With Sensi Labs, each project is assigned a team of specialists dedicated to the project’s management and implementation. You will always have direct contact with the project manager, who is involved in every detail of your project.

  • Vision

    From the start, we provide you with the visuals you need to understand how your end product will look and perform. Making sure that we share a mutual vision keeps us on the same page and ensures there are no surprises at the end.

  • Ongoing Support

    Technology is fickle. It’s constantly evolving, making today’s newest trend irrelevant and incompatible by tomorrow. At Sensi Labs, we have in place maintenance plans and can advise you on modifications to keep you up-to-date.

We build IT and an amazing team

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The current trend in building advanced applications is the so-called single page application, which are located in the top layer of the application. This approach can generate many complications as the complexity of the application increases. How to deal with this? The solution are frontends. The concept of micro frontends is derived from the microservices…

How to make faster Internet in Sudan

One of the issues when working in rural areas of Sudan is poor gsm reception and extremely low Internet speed. When I have volunteered for the archaeological expedition in El Zumah, Sudan, I’ve decided to check if can do anything about it and here’s what have happened. Analysis First step was just like any project…

Microservices Architecture

Recently, microservices are a very popular word spoken in the IT industry. What is it and is it really a panacea for monolith ills? SOA Some time ago during the construction of many IT systems very popular was SOA architecture (service-oriented architecture). Its idea was to connect together many systems divided into services. The assumption…

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