Find & Book Health and Beauty Services

Booksy is a system which simplifies appointment scheduling within the health & beauty sector (e.g. hair care, massage, skin care, etc.). Customers can find the desired services in their area by using the free client application (available for Android & iOS). Booksy lets people read reviews, choose a specific service, check the businesses openings and book an appointment during available times. Booksy also has an application for businesses, which provides a clear overview of all appointments booked, assists in the management of personnel and equipment, and can be used to increase clientele and profit.

Skin Lyst

Skin Lyst is committed to finding the best regime to suit your skin, budget and lifestyle. Thanks to cooperation with Sensi Labs, their vast skincare knowledge was digitized and combined with bespoke algorithm. In result, after taking short quiz, you’ll get personalised set of skin cosmetics. The algorithm takes into consideration series of parameters: skin type, sensitivity, sun exposure reaction, living environment, age and budget. This is the unique platform in the whole Internet.

Idea Bank

Mobile Advisor

The goal for Sensi Labs and Idea Bank cooperation was to optimize mobile banking advisors’ daily schedules and routes. The application has accelerated customer service and meeting management in a revolutionary way using mobile phones. The service allows advisors to create and edit meetings, keep important notes and choose the best route to the meeting point. It also eliminates the use of paper and ensures immediate status updates to headquarters.

The solution implemented for Idea Bank consists of several elements:

1. An Android application for mobile advisors with number of features:

  1. GPS tracking.
  2. Dynamically updated information about meetings for the whole day.
  3. An advertising portal from which advisors can choose meetings.
  4. Communication with the headquartes.
  5. Reporting meeting statuses and services sold.

2. A web application for managing advisors, with features:

  1. Managing a group of advisors, broken down into Polish regions.
  2. Meeting management.
  3. Route and assignments optimization algorithm, understanding travel time from the previous meeting and travel time to the next meeting, traffic and meetings length.
  4. An advanced algorithm that arranges advisors’ routes, including travel times and meeting times.
  5. Control of advisors’ position and routes made.
  6. Communication with an advisor.

City Parcels

For one of logistics industry leader, Sensi Labs has implemented a system to optimize city couriers’ daily work. The system focuses on optimization and ongoing verification of the couriers’ work and reduction of the administrative personnel costs, allowing to reduce staff from a dozen to two people.

The solution consists of several elements:

1. An application for couriers on the Android platform, enabling:

  1. GPS tracking.
  2. Dynamically updated information about tasks for the whole day.
  3. Online / offline work – the application stores current assignments’ data in internal memory, and synchronizes with the server whenever the Internet is available. This enables trouble-free courier work during visits to places with limited or no Internet access.
  4. Communication with the headquarters.

2. A web application for courier management, with features:

  1. Managing couriers, divided into cities.
  2. Tasks management.
  3. Tracking courier positions and routes made.

Idea Bank

Mobile ATM

Sensi Labs have completed a project that allows customers to order mobile ATM services through a native Android and iOS mobile application. A car with a built-in cash machine arrives at the pickup point in a few minutes and allows you to deposit or withdraw money exactly where you need it.

The solution implemented for Idea Bank consists of several elements:

1. Android application for drivers, enabling:

  1. Tracking the GPS position of the driver.
  2. Dynamically updated information about routes for the whole day.
  3. Customer communication.
  4. Status updates synchronizer.

2. Android and iOS application for customers, featuring:

  1. Ordering ATM with meeting address and preferred date/time, directly from the driver’s calendar.
  2. The application takes into account the time needed to travel between places, using the current travel times from Google Maps.
  3. Tracking the position of the driver (30 minutes prior meeting).
  4. Communication with the driver.
  5. Work quality assessment.

3. Fleet management web application that allows:

  1. Car fleet management.
  2. Routes management.
  3. Control of drivers whereabouts and routes made.
  4. Communication with the driver.
  5. Making alterations to tasks and handling failures.

Taxi ordering and driver settlement services.

Thanks to Sensi Labs application, anyone can order a taxi in many different ways. Starting from classic a telephone, the website and last but not least – using mobile applications. iTaxi has native mobile applications operating in 2 leading operating systems (iOS and Android). They help achieve the company’s primary goal: providing customers with a quick, easy and satisfying taxi services.

The solution implemented for iTaxi consists of several elements:

1. Android application for drivers, enabling:

  1. Tracking drivers’ GPS.
  2. Selecting tasks from the orders marketplace.
  3. Information about the start and end position of the course.
  4. Communication with the passenger.
  5. Automated billing.

2. Android and iOS application for passengers, enabling:

  1. Ordering service with indication of start and end position.
  2. Tracking the position of the driver who fulfils order.
  3. Communication with the driver.
  4. Payment using a payment card.

3. Fleet management web application that allows:

  1. Taxi fleet management.
  2. Routes and orders management.
  3. Control of drivers position.
  4. Communication with the driver.


Fortanix Cloud security and privacy using Runtime Encryption(R) technology build upon Intel SGX. Fortanix created a Runtime Encryption® platform that enables a fundamentally new level of security and privacy allowing organizations with sensitive workloads to operate in untrusted environments such as the public cloud and remote clouds. Fortanix Self-Defending KMS is the world’s first cloud solution secured with Intel® SGX which enables to securely generate, store, and use cryptographic keys and certificates, as well as confidental matters, such as passwords, API keys, tokens, or any blob of data. Fortanix Self-Defending KMS is designed to conform to FIPS 140-2 compliance (U.S security standard for cryptographic modules). These solutions are also a response to the needs of the organization which are set by the requirements of the GDPR. Sensilabs provides support during the implementation and maintenance of products provided by Fortanix.


CC Shield – Cybersecurity Compliance Software for Independent Insurance Agencies which gives the ability to comply with data security laws and regulations. Documented policies and procedures, periodic risk assessments and the ability to respond swiftly to a cybersecurity incident all in one place.

Survey and ranking platform

The aim of the project is to build a comprehensive solution to handle rankings and reports. The application will allow to generate and display reports, as well as create landing pages with rankings (e.g. a list of 500 best companies). It will also provide support for questionnaires for data collection.
Main functions of the system are storing data about entities, sending survey invitations, collecting survey data, creating reports, exporting and importing them, creating landing pags on subdomains, generating widgets with rankings.

Horse & Hound

Online platform for buying, selling and advertising all things equestrian — from horses to horseboxes, equestrian property to jobs and much more. The website also publishes details of major horse events and biographies of riders and also has picture galleries. Horse & Hound is also the oldest equestrian weekly magazine of the United Kingdom. Its first edition was published in 1884. The magazine contains horse industry news, reports from equestrian events, veterinary advice about caring for horses, and horses for sale.

What’s on TV

As a result of cooperation with TI-Media, Sensi Labs have created an application for intuitive and fast TV guide navigation. It contains in depth search engine and details of every show. Frontend of application is built using React.js engine, which allows build extremely fast and dynamic websites. Backbone of this project is ElasticSearch – it’s built to deliver lighting fast search system and data analysis. In our opinion, What’s on TV is one of fastest tv guide available.

Find the best veterinary practice in the area

HiPets is a revolutionary platform that has gone a step further in saving time for those who own and care for animals. This system allows you to book services for animals, e.g. from veterinarians, behaviourists, trainers or stylists.

The process is simple. You select the type of service, then you check the free dates and right after you press the booking button, you get a confirmation of booked service.

The system is available as websites for customers and businesses, and soon also as mobile apps. HiPets allows customers to browse through businesses, select services, make bookings, view the history of bookings and reviews. The business gets the perfect tool to organize lists of clients, their pets and bookings.

67 Degrees

The company’s mission is to deliver bespoke websites for automotive dealers in Great Britain. Besides custom, visually brilliant layout, the customer gets access to the platform allowing them to:

  1. Content Management System
  2. Managing vehicles in stock
  3. Automated finance calculations
  4. Numerous automation plugin
  5. Automatic daily data imports and exports
  6. Google Analytics Integration
  7. Workshop maintenance
  8. Assigning role to all employees

Car Cliq classifieds platform brings together stock from hundreds of dealers, allowing you to choose from 120 000 vehicles. Company decided to go away from existing Open Source application and get a bespoke solution. Sensi Labs have built this product from ground up using PHP 7, Elasticsearch and MySQL. The goal was to dramatically increase scalability and performance. On top of that frontend was redesigned using Mobile First methodology as currently more than 60% of users are mobile users. Of course application is responsive so works flawlessly on every other device.

Discover the parking sharing project

Discover the parking sharing project

We’ve created an application that solved the problem of finding parking spaces in big cities. Thanks to our application users are be able to quickly find and rent private parking spaces.

We know what the current situation is:

  • Lack of vacant parking spaces
  • Difficulties in finding the roofed parking lots
  • High parking fees

We want to make it easier for others to find parking spaces and for you to earn extra money.

How the system works:

  • We install special devices with Internet access in the building.
  • The system controls the garage door and calculates the fees.
  • Money goes straight to your account.

Why is it worth it:

The plan is simple: when you don’t need a parking space, it will serve someone else and the money will fund your account. For you: extra money. For others: a comfortable parking space.

Online shopping solution for car dealers

Buy a car online and have it delivered straight to your door; this is our latest online shopping solution. With its help, you’ll get hundreds of online deposits each week. Additionally, within a few weeks, you will achieve full purchases online via card or through finance. We have a proven track record in cooperating with car dealers, delivering efficient solutions that match customers’ needs and more. Our latest one took care of the whole ordering and buying process from start to finish. Buyers can purchase or reserve vehicles by card or apply for finance without leaving the dealer’s website.

To see more, check out the video showing our tool in action, along with the high quality of service provided by one of our partners. This tool is a must to boost your sales!

Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems delivers world class shopping malls monitoring system to customers in whole Europe. Data from their sensors require extensive analysis before can be shown as a report to decision makers. Reports can be granulated using many variables. Amount of traffic vary by weather condition, cultural events, etc. Sensi Labs working with Reveal Systems have built reporting systems allowing to compare large amounts of data in self explanatory and eye catching reports. User can not only use predefined reports but also create unlimited amount of custom ones. Application is fueled with Java 11 and React.js which allows it to excel in terms of performance.

System for audience analysis and targeting of advertising message on digital media

The system is innovative in terms of collecting and analysing data of recipients of the transmissions from media in the selected area.

Current analysis and profiling of users is a revolutionary and highly desirable solution in today’s digital advertising world.

By means of innovative algorithms, integrations with a series of sensors (cameras, Wi-Fi or BT data), the system is able to analyse numerous collected data in order to uniquely identify the recipients’ profiles, e.g. in terms of demographics (age, gender, etc.), but also in terms of appearance (moustache, chin, glasses).

The use of such advanced mechanisms allows for the recognition of users, their behaviour and, above all, the high adaptation of advertising messages within specific parameters and detected user profiles.

This solution can be used wherever large groups of people can be found, such as airports, shopping malls, public squares, exhibitions or fairs.


Classifieds platform, for buying, selling and advertising. You can create your own advert categories/subcategories and customfields such as: inputs, text areas, checkboxes, etc, add bundles for each category and set different prices for placing an advert. Create special event and share your own discount codes with your customers.


EOD is a system for the electronic circulation of documents, and especially invoices, pro-forms, accounting notes, travel settlements or equivalents.

Its main goal is to accelerate the accounting process. The system automates business processes, enables efficient document management and allows for a smooth flow of information within the organization. Selected functions of the program include entering documents into the system, setting different access levels for users, multi-step document description, cost authorization, sending notifications about documents assignment, sending reminders about document description and acceptance, monitoring documents status, exporting reports in “.csv” format, generating certificates of assigning documents to chosen cost centers, generating collective files with invoices and certificates, as well as archiving documents.

Depending on the implementation, the system can be adjusted to the customer’s needs, including the possibility of preparing integration with external systems.

Application for ordering food

This application is dedicated to all gourmets of food from food trucks and food stands. How does it work? On the basis of your location, the application will track places with food courts. The listing will show what they look like, give the address and display the available menu. Users are able to choose their favorite dishes, place and pay for the order, and then wait until the application calls them to pick up the food. Everything happens easily, efficiently and without waiting in a long queue. Sellers also have everything under control thanks to a dedicated application for them with order lists, where they can check the number of orders and uncheck those that are already completed.

The HumanDoc Foundation

The HumanDoc Foundation was established to raise public awareness of global issues and support the economic, informational and democratic development of societies. To this end, the Foundation carries out projects in the field of development aid, global education and film and television production


Working with polish archaeologists, Sensi Labs have created a platform to maintain digital documentation. Keeping all documents in one place is just a fraction of it’s features. It excels with extensive search engine and analyzers for text, 2D and 3D objects. This platform also allows for number of users to collaborate on all data. System also prevents them from editing one document simultaneously.

Mobile Server

Digital and mobile services are reaching furthest places in the world. Electronic equipment is still quite fragile, it requires stable power source and work only in specific temperature range and weather conditions. Until now, because Sens Labs, have developer a Mobile Server which is a fully working server enclosed in small casing. It is battery powered which lasts up to 24h of work. It’s casing is dust and waterproof. It has no moving parts and can work basically everywhere. Can work as a server for heavy load apps and communicates with users via wifi hotspot it creates.

Technical data:

  1. Dust and waterproof – IP65.
  2. Durability MIL-STD-810G.
  3. Temperature range from -25 to +40 degrees Celsius.
  4. Dual-core processor Intel i3 1.9GHz GHz, 6th gen.
  5. 16 GB RAM.
  6. Two SSD drives, 2TB each, combined into RAID 1 (mirror).
  7. Ethernet interface.
  8. WiFI interface.
  9. Bluetooth, USB interfaces.
  10. Dimensions 14x14x30 cm.


This application provides access to the best and verified tutors, who help solving and understanding assignments from school. It has native apps for both Android and iOS platform. It’s enough to take a picture of a problematic assignment using Sirio app and in a couple of minutes the solution and explanation is on your screen. The Application is capable of automatic photo cropping, OCR for both text and mathematical formulas. The whole situation is hosted in the cloud, allowing for dynamic scaling, which in this type of business is is essential.